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After Dark with Kayise


A conversational series that seeks to bring healing to people who have experienced any kind of loss.


Rallinca Media, in conjunction with KNN Media created this healing YouTube show. Rallinca Media was tasked with the production, shooting & editing, public relations, social media management and marketing for the show.


Rallinca Media and KNN Media created a platform that offers a safe space for conversations by bringing together like-minded individuals to share experiences in a thought-provoking way that explores the transition from loss to wholeness. The show served as wise friends, counsellors, and guides. The series now represents rebirth, a fresh start.


The show was featured on mass media platforms and has already garnered 1.6 million YouTube views with 53.5k subscribers. The audience is engaged and looks forward to new content each week. The show has also been approached for licencing deals.

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