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Media Relations and Press Release Distribution

Considering the influence of electronic and social media on the population of any market, any organization must have a voice in how they are portrayed in the media. Our team has developed and nurtured relationships with media houses and agencies in order to develop and maintain these relationships.


  Whether you're trying to promote positive brand affinity or sentiment, or any other communication objective, we can effectively communicate your stories, activities, and goals. We, as an African agency, understand the complexities and intricacies associated with communicating on a continent of such diversity. This deep understanding of media relations is reflected in our media relations services.

Public perception and sentiment heavily influence reputation - the first step is understanding how a brand is perceived. As a result, we help you cultivate and develop your brand or shift perceptions in order to achieve your goals.

Whether it is an issue of reputation, positioning, or business development, we understand the factors that affect each client's status in the public eye and in the business arena. Africa and Africans are our expertise, and we are our clients' African communication liaisons, with eyes and ears on the ground.

As part of our research and insights capabilities, our in-house experts travel to countries based on the nature of the brief. They spend time living in the environments and communities that our clients want and need to understand. By applying our knowledge of public opinion and client objectives we help clients to position brands in the most positive light possible based on their core strengths and unique characteristics - in an open and authentic way.


Reputation Management and Public Relations


Digital and Social Media

The term "social media" is often used to include a variety of platforms, including Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, SnapChat, Clubhouse and Instagram - focusing on their business applications.  In addition to a company website, social media business pages, and other web-based content, digital media is also included in brands' online presence.  We're living in an era of constant change, so relevant, personalized and user-centric messages are more important than ever. 


To accomplish a variety of business objectives, we use social media and digital media business tools, including those related to client support, lead generation, marketing, and other areas. With social media, storytelling is taken to the next level by engaging audiences through two-way, dynamic communication.


Establishing accounts, creating content, uploading posts, managing social media conversations, and conducting paid advertising campaigns are among the services we offer. We will also help you optimise your website with content creation, website creation and design, copywriting, and editing, as well as SEO.  Content is created to meet the needs of unique audiences in light of a brand's business priorities, geographic location, and demographics.

Social media & Online Community Management

Companies' reputation and their bottom line are impacted heavily by social media. Social media management, including establishing accounts, maintaining them, managing campaigns, and tracking them, are all services provided by Rallinca Media. The content we develop reflects on our creativity.

Website Development

Websites are essential to communicating effectively and delivering impactful messages. Design, copywriting, editing, and proofreading are all included in our website development services.

Thought Leadership & Positioning


An industry thought leader is a trusted, knowledgeable, and influential source of information who inspires innovation, offers insightful advice, and supports implementation. Through connections with mentors and influencers, speaking engagements, and publications, we position our clients as industry leaders.

Crisis Management

By building a crisis management framework, we minimize the effects of negative publicity. Through our team-oriented approach, we reduce and manage potential brand damage and turn the crisis into a positive marketing opportunity.

Media content includes publicly available and inter-organizational materials, such as press releases, visual content, written content, multimedia content, and any other type of marketing or informative content. With the help of our content generation platform, we help brands share their stories with the pan-African market based on core objectives. Depending on our client's needs, audience, communication goals, and stakeholder expectations, we produce written, audio, video and multimedia content.


As content consumption methods continue to expand from digital to social, we optimize our content for all mediums, from digital to social and mobile to web. When it comes to getting the content to market, we also handle its logistics and distribution needs. Media kits, editorials, press releases, thought leadership articles, billboards and more are just a few of the collateral materials we can create. Our team works with clients to identify the content types, platforms, distribution channels, and messaging that are most appropriate for their needs as well as their target audiences.


Content Creation & Development


Strategy Development & Implementation

Our messaging strategy speaks to your vision, mission, and goals after a key messaging exercise involving our clients and our internal team. Communication is a critical component of the narrative of our work, since it is the first point of contact.

In order to create and implement a communication plan, we conduct research at different stages.  Perception audits, stakeholder mapping, and a thorough understanding of your objectives help us map out the best strategies for an effective communication campaign.

Attending and hosting business and PR events aligned with your business goals is one of our strategic services. Events including expos, trade shows, seminars, and conferences may be included in this category.  All our activities are geared toward achieving our clients' key business objectives, and we structure our strategies accordingly.  Since we are business consultants, we strive to help our clients achieve their communications and business goals.

Relevant, relatable, and strategic positioning are important factors in the success of messaging. In turn, these are highly dependent on nuances related to the particular cultural, linguistic, and behavioural influences of the target market. We at Rallinca Media understand the complexities of the African communication market. We design our solutions to meet these communication contexts.

Traditional press releases and pitching to journalists will always be important elements of a communications strategy. However, photographic and video content can dramatically change the way audiences perceive and speak about a brand. With your guidance as a client, we determine the purpose of any photographic and video content, develop the content and manage production and take care of distribution to the targeted audience.


Photo & Video Production & Editing


Collateral & Graphic Design Development

We are a hands-on team with content and collateral development. Collateral development includes press releases, brochures, social media content, editorials, media kits, thought leadership articles and more. Rebrand your business with effective and creative graphic designs.

We help our clients conceptualise their podcasts, produce them and market them to the right audience. We offer podcast creators pre- and post-production services. In addition to recording equipment setup, editing & mixing, podcast writing, and marketing, these services can also include podcast advertising.




Writing services

We offer a variety of writing services ranging from writing and editing press releases, blogs, newsletters, articles  and content. Professional writing will increase customer engagement and acquisition.

Our event production team is dedicated to creating events which transform your brand and engage your audience. We produce event experiences that provide high impact and manage all aspects of the production process including strategy, creative, and technology.


We offer the following event production services: 



Stage Design and Creative Direction 

Lighting, Audio and Video Design

Managing Production Timelines

Booking and Management of Guest Speakers and Entertainment

Event production & Content

Experience/Strategy for Successful Events

Design Designs Multi-media Support and Design 

Sourcing of Equipment and Labor 

Workshops and Breakout Sessions Audiovisual Management 

Choreography and Live Event Production 

Technical Direction and Planning

Speaker Content and Script Writing

Presentation Evaluation Distribution and Collection


Media Training


in Media


These courses include media interview simulations to help develop your approach to journalists. This will help you further your communications agenda.  As part of the session, the spokesperson will gain an understanding of the media landscape and practice delivering key messages in print and broadcast interviews. 


Discuss African media landscapes and other global developments.


Learn how to design an interview that includes key messages.


Explain how journalists get the stories they want by explaining the tactics they use.


Students learn how to create an interview agenda and how to use block and bridge strategies to control the agendas of journalists.


Gain confidence when it comes to interviewing and delivering messages.


Take a moment to go over the dos and don'ts of the media.

"The media training will be completed and spokespersons will be familiar with their area of expertise before a series of profiling platforms is investigated. The opportunities include speaking engagements as well as profiles in key newspapers, business publications, and broadcast media, so that target audiences can get to know the executives better."

The media should regard spokespeople as being available to assist with views and content on industry trends and developments.



Our initial consultation helps us understand our clients business and PR goals.  Our PR is driven by our clients objectives. We therefore require our clients to be clear about  their organisational objectives, communication objectives, target audience and strategic inputs. This base then works as our PR planning tool , as well as an evaluation tool. To be effective, our work encompases paid, earned, shared and owned media. We go beyond counting activity by demonstrating the effect of our work. We use the AMEC framework to measure our success.



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